The Home of Colin and Matt

Colin and Matt as cartoons┬áCongratulations, you’ve found the internet home of Colin and Matt, comedy radio presenters off of Amazing Radio’s The Saturday Show and podcast.

This is the place to find all the information you could possibly want about Colin and Matt, Amazing Radio’s The Saturday Show and their comedy entertainment podcast, The Best of The Saturday Show.

You’ll find all the videos they’ve made for The Saturday Show, updates on various features like The Prediction League and Trade a Thing for Another Thing Thing plus random musings in Colin’s Blog and Matt’s Blog.

There’s also stuff from the old podcast they used to do, The Colin and Matt Show. Frankly, it’s a pretty exhaustive site for all things Colin and Matt.

If you think there’s something missing or you stumble across a broken link or two, please let the monkeys know by emailing

2 comments on “The Home of Colin and Matt

  • You guys, its easymode, born on 29th february…

  • Loved the Hallowe’en video. We had an amazing Hallowe’en Special event at a local pub here in Lancashire, England. We are situated near Pendle Hill, associated with the Lancashire Witches tried and hanged in 1612.
    Frank Watson, Clitheroe