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Action Film Cliche Bingo

A large explosion - what happens when you win at Action Film Cliche Bingo

An explosion - what happens when you're winning at Action Film Cliche Bingo

Here’s your Action Cliche Bingo card for this week’s Colin and Matt Film Club. Either print it out or play online while watching Predator 2 this Sunday at 9pm on E4.

The rules are simple, every time you see one of the situations on your bingo card in the film, click on it to mark it off.

If you get a full horizontal, vertical or diagonal line you’ve got EXPLOSION! Shout it on Twitter with the hashtag #candmfilmclub for all to know.

And it’s not just Predator 2 you can play it with, as they’re action film cliches you can use the bingo card with any action film you like and it’ll still be just as fun. Promise!

To get a new card, just reload this page.

Thanks to Frank Ledo and his Bullshit Bingo Generator for letting us use his code to create the random bingo cards.

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