The Podcast

The Colin and Matt Show Podcast Logo 2The Colin and Matt Show was the ultimate podcast, permeating the cluttered world of internet broadcasting like an entertaining infection.

Every Thursday we unleashed around 30 minutes of pure audio gold (our mums said so) on to the unsuspecting world wide web, featuring, amongst many things, Monthly Missions to better the world, top five lists of everything and anything, random pop culture references, the prediction league, Carl and Chet’s guides, witty banter and the odd tangent or two.

Between 2008 and 2010, we spent a lot of our free time spewing audible nonsense into our microphones for all and any to enjoy. Along the way we even picked up a few award nominations, helped solve some of the world’s biggest problems, bought a galaxy, almost bought a bride, made the headlines, created sweet sweet music, starred in panto and even caused global outrage! With no reason other than a lack of social interaction, we strived to brighten up at least 30 minutes of your week with each and every episode, or your money back. No money changed hands.

With the mix of random banter, semi-thought-out features, sketches and the odd spot of genius you’re bound to find something you’ll like. So download, sit back, pour a cup of tea and enjoy The Colin and Matt Show.

And for those that like a “live” experience, The Colin and Matt Show was also syndicated on some of the internet’s finest radio stations including error FM and Global Radio One.